The Engineered Comfort logo shown below is the only approved logo.
The Engineered Comfort logo accommodates a variety of file format and print reproduction constraints, but
in all cases, the logo must use the established Nailor Industries, Inc. color palette described

Preferred: Two-color blue and red (Pantone 2995C & Pantone 1795C) 
Optional: All-white logo, All-black logo

The two color logo or one-color black logo provide the best visibility on light backgrounds.

The all-white logo has the best visibility on dark-value backgrounds.

Minimum Area 

The logo should be surrounded by a minimum amount of buffer space where no other graphic element may intrude and where its legibility must be at a maximum, regardless of the background used. The amount of buffer space required is proportional to the height of the logo and the logotype.

Minimum Size
To maintain the integrity of the Engineered Comfort logo, a minimum size has been set. Do not use the logo smaller than 1.50” (38.1 mm) in width.

Download the Engineered Comfort Logo