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Water Source Heat Pump Building Systems: Cooling Tower

November 3, 2020
By: Matthew Crump, PE

In our previous articles we highlighted the benefits, design, energy efficiency, and configurations of water source heat pump technology. Though heat pumps include a refrigeration cycle and air conditioner in one small package, they are only able to do this in cooperation with a few building systems that are critical for removing or delivering heat from/to the heat pump.  To remove heat from the units the building system includes a cooling tower, and to add heat a boiler. The tower and boiler are connected to the heat pumps by a common water loop. Just...

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Water Source Heat Pumps: Configurations

October 23, 2020
By: Matthew Crump, PE

Water source heat pump (WSHP) systems have proven in many studies to be a more efficient, less complex, and higher ROI air conditioning selection for a variety of project types.  These systems utilize a building loop of water to reject/draw heat into the individual dwelling unit.  The benefits include no external equipment at each building unit, only one set of (possibly) un-insulated piping for the building loop, and distributed conditioning (one heat pump isn’t affected by the downtime of another).  To meet the needs of different space designs the WSHPs...

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Constant Volume Regulators: What are they and how they help

October 6, 2020
By: Kevin Del Castillo

Many obstacles will arise when trying to keep a building 30-50°F warmer or cooler than the outside temperature. The aim of the HVAC system is to keep the buildings’ inhabitants comfortable and healthy while considering system costs. When designing and installing multi-floor supply and exhaust systems, balancing can become an issue.  Fan pressures and thermal stack affects can cause differences in how much supply/exhaust air each floor experiences.  When spaces experience the incorrect amount of supply/exhaust air it can affect the...

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How Water Source Heat Pumps Work

August 12, 2020
By: Matthew Crump, PE

Most people are familiar with a standard residential split air conditioning system.  It is split because the indoor system blows the cooled or heated air and the outdoor unit makes a lot of noise when it’s operating.  These two pieces of equipment are connected by piping that carries refrigerant between them.  The outdoor unit contains a compressor, outdoor coil, and fan.  During cooling the compressor will compress the refrigerant into a superheated gas, then force it through the outdoor coil.  The fan draws the outside air through the...

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How a Water Source Heat Pump Works: Thermodynamics 101

July 29, 2020

By Matthew A. Crump PE

In my previous article, located here, I discussed the benefits of selecting a water source heat pump system for your building.  The next few articles will discuss how the heat pump works.

The heating and cooling provided by a water source heat pump, and for that matter all refrigerant based conditioning equipment, is made possible by the refrigeration cycle.  Mechanical...

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