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How Water Source Heat Pumps Work

August 12, 2020
By: Matthew Crump, PE

Most people are familiar with a standard residential split air conditioning system.  It is split because the indoor system blows the cooled or heated air and the outdoor unit makes a lot of noise when it’s operating.  These two pieces of equipment are connected by piping that carries refrigerant between them.  The outdoor unit contains a compressor, outdoor coil, and fan.  During cooling the compressor will compress the refrigerant into a superheated gas, then force it through the outdoor coil.  The fan draws the outside air through the...

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How a Water Source Heat Pump Works: Thermodynamics 101

July 29, 2020

By Matthew A. Crump PE

In my previous article, located here, I discussed the benefits of selecting a water source heat pump system for your building.  The next few articles will discuss how the heat pump works.

The heating and cooling provided by a water source heat pump, and for that matter all refrigerant based conditioning equipment, is made possible by the refrigeration cycle.  Mechanical...

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The best HVAC system for High Rise Condo developments

July 2, 2020
When designing a multi-tenant residential or hospitality hi-rise building there are several different choices for the air conditioning system.  The system selection must consider how the decision affects all the interested parties over the life of the building, including the developer, contractors, building management, owner, and/or dwelling owner in the case of a condominium.  Ultimately, all these groups have common goals, but how they prioritize these goals may differ.  The developer is concerned with return on investment, the contractor is concerned...
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Most energy efficient Fan Coil on the market!!!…

July 4, 2017
Vertical Stack Fan Coil with Integral Thermal Recovery

…more importantly, our fan coils that incorporate HRV/ERV modules are capable of doing a few things that most of our competitors can’t:

  • We can easily exhaust more than one bathroom using only one HRV/ERV module
  • Our HRV/ERV modules can be run using LINE voltage with our simple ST...
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Engineered Comfort Announces New Website!

June 29, 2016

Wait no more, our website is now here!  We’ve been very busy these last few years developing more innovative products that complement our already full line of Fan Coils. What better way to showcase some of these new products but on our newly, redesigned, easy to navigate website.  You’ll now be able to find and download literature faster.  We’ve added a knowledge center for quick viewing of submittals and IOM Instructions.  Are you in the field and need info quick?  Our website is completely compatible with your smartphone and tablet.
While you...

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